Larry Wolf

Senior Strategy Consultant

Larry Wolf, Senior Strategy ConsultantLarry has a track record as a generalist and a specialist. He was a very early developer of electronic health records (starting in the mid-1970s), more recently, the CIO for Emerging Markets at a national healthcare provider and the Chief Transformation Officer at a large software company.
Larry has been an advocate for focusing on health and the many factors which influence health. This includes connected care which puts the person at the center, addressing the goal of information following the patient. He offered eight years of volunteer leadership to the Federal Health IT Policy and Standards Advisory Committees. Larry is working to combine the modern practice of Agile software development with the ancient practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation.

Larry helps organizations bring their vision to fruition, aligning internal motivation with external social, business and technical dynamics. Sustained success depends on getting the strategy right and building on sound fundamentals.