Our Services

  • Strategy & Execution

    Solving complex problems and developing executable strategies using deep industry knowledge and experience.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Maximizing performance to increase sales, gain market share and improve customer growth and retention

  • Operational Excellence

    Developing best-practice resource utilization to improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction

  • Network Development

    Aligning post-acute providers to meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement

  • Training & Development

    Enhancing skills, knowledge, and abilities to impact performance and increase results

Kirby R. Ryan, Jr., Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“There is no one-size fits all model. The move from Volume to Value has come to us in many waves in the past. We need to recognize that regardless of administration we need to be ready because High Tide will soon be here.”

Our Approach

  • Discover

    Careful assessment of the effectiveness of current policies and procedures and resource utilization all subsequent to a situational analysis to identify and prioritize high impact opportunities.

  • Design

    Create or reengineer solutions that support your vision, maximize resource utilization and efficiencies, and minimize redundancies and unnecessary variations.

  • Deliver

    Implementation of the designed interventions using a phased-in approach that integrates the systems and processes, fosters the process of change, measures satisfaction, and tracks clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Results

    Delivering strategies that maximize intended results:

    • Implementation of Best-Practices
    • Maximize Efficiencies for Optimal Resource Utilization
    • Measured Increase in Patient Satisfaction
    • Improved Clinical Outcomes
    • Increased Return on Investments